TVET delivery
that is simply

TVET delivery that transforms lives

TVET delivery that is world class and award winning is what we deliver. Our methodology transforms the lives of individuals and the performance of business. Global Skills Ledger provides a huge range of tailored practical help and support services relating to technical education, vocational training, apprenticeships and other workplace training.

Our team of world-renowned experts offer hands-on specialist guidance and much needed support with everything from skills policy and strategic development, initial labour workforce research, through workplace skills standards creation and international benchmarking, curriculum and qualification development, training delivery, achievement recognition and licensing.

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  • Strategic and Policy Intelligence
  • Labour Workforce Research
  • Job / Skills Standards
  • Curriculum Content Design
  • National Qualifications Development
  • Teacher Training, Coaching
    and capacity building 

  • Skills Policy and Systems
  • Careers and Futures Mapping
  • Apprenticeships

  • Quality Assurance
  • Performance and Impact Measurement
  • Recognition, Certification and Licensing

Award winning TVET methodology

Having successfully led the team that become the twice co-winner of the British Council‘s prestigious International Skills Partnership of the Year award in 2014 and 2015, you can be confident that the robust methodology that we employ in developing skills policy and in its implementation, is our way of ensuring that the right impact is achieved for individuals, for the businesses they work for and for society at large.

TVET delivery

Driven by employers, delivered for individuals

Our team works very closely with Governments and their agencies. We also engage heavily with industrial sectors and their employers to ensure that we fully understand their skills needs. We work in close partnership with employers to develop and drive skills solutions that meet their demands and create the right impact, right now and in the future. Whatever we do, we keep employers at the heart of the skills agenda.

TVET delivery




Compliance and Recognition


Global Skills Ledger Limited and Proskills Global Limited share and uphold are the same core values and aspirations in the recognition of skills achievements. As such, the two organisations work together to deliver a range of quality assurance, certification and recognition services.

Using Proskills Global’s robust and comprehensive quality assured certification and licencing, we are able to offer a range of robust solutions that enable validated recognition of competence and individual achievement that can travel with learners and workers across the globe. Employers are provided with an assured framework of secure processes offering verification of skills as required. 

Proskills Global Limited
quality assured global recognition