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Our team’s values and principles guide our experts and ensure that our delivery is the very best that it can be and is one which delivers lasting impact. 

Using a value-centred approach, we enable individuals, employers, colleges, universities, training providers and Governments in any country, to develop employability, entrepreneurial, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and work competence via all vocational routes, including apprenticeships.

At the heart of our focus is collaboration, values and partnership. Our philosophy drives us to support the development and delivery of skills by drawing on world-class expertise and best practice, whilst creating a sustainable skills system that is self-owned and shared through a collaborative and dynamic approach.

Our world-renowed expertise is second to none. Our team are carefully selected based on their occupational expertise and their ability to develop and implement industry-based technical education and vocational education to employers and individuals. Their extensive track record paves the way for delivering success in whatever they deliver. 

As we strive to create positive impact for society, businesses and individuals, the resulting success is promoted and shared both in-country and across the globe. We believe that the sharing of best practice success stimulates further innovation and encourages talent development in all.

We create positive impact by enabling systemic and lasting change in skills policy and its implementation. Our attitude and actions are demonstrated in the way in which we treat individuals with dignity and respect, that is developed through dialogue, one which is inclusive in diversity and enables mobility.

Our professional approach and renowned expertise provides a robust framework that ensures we truly deliver our clients aims and realise their ambitions. We have a demonstrable track record of high quality impact and achievement – and award-winning too!

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Our core values drive your success

Our unique TVET approach 

Our unique approach to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) helps employers, Governments and their agencies develop the right series of skills policies and then supports the policy implementation, testing and rollout through further education colleges and independent private training providers and employers.

Whether working at the employer level, college/university or national or regional level, our team can help create and drive a TVET skills agenda that achieves great success, where others have failed.

Global Skills Ledger's technical education and vocational training model

Our experts achieved success working with*:

Global Skills Ledger Limited has enjoyed the privilege of collaborating with expert organisations and specialist individuals across the globe from a wide range of industrial sectors. We have shared innovative approaches to TVET and skills development that have enabled growth at the individual, institution and societal level. We value all of our partners and look forward to working with them again very soon.

If you would like to collaborate on a TVET project, contact us.

*Our experts have worked with the listed organisations in their own right, collectively and as part of previous employment.