Global Skills Ledger was a key player in developing Industry4.0 skills curriculum for the Wood and Furniture Sectors across Europe. Our experts provided world-class Quality Assurance and Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL) throughout this three year European project.

The 4th industrial revolution presents huge challenges for industry, for current workers and new entrants. Across Europe, the furniture and wood sector identified that a shortage of professionals with sufficient Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills is having a profound negative effect on the sectors’ capability to adopt emerging technologies such as those within Industry4.0. In particular, all levels of management lack skills that are crucial to their business operation, productivity and competitiveness.

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Industry4.0 Skills are required across the sectors.

Many observers believe that Europe is at the beginning of a new industrial revolution, considered to be the fourth such leap forward and characterised by the universal use of sensors, the expansion of wireless communication and networks, the deployment of increasingly intelligent robots and machines – as well as increased computing power at lower cost and the development of ‘big data’ analytics – has the potential to transform the way goods are manufactured in Europe.

This new digital industrial revolution holds the promise of increased flexibility in manufacturing, mass customisation, increased speed, better quality and improved productivity. However to capture these benefits, enterprises will need to invest in people, equipment, information and communication technologies (ICTs) and data analysis as well as the integration of data flows throughout the global value chain.

One quarter of the world´s furniture is produced in the EU. In 2012, more than 900,000 EU workers were employed in approximately 126,000 firms, and production amounted to more than €84 Billion. However, these figures are 13% lower than in 2007, while the Asian market has increased its production a 230% during the same period. In this context, the implementation and transference of the state of the art technologies into the production chain is a key enabler if the European Furniture and Woodworking industries are to remain competitive. This, coupled with a lack of staff qualifications, an ageing workforce and the industries’ inability to attract young workers remain crucial points for these industries. To boost the recruitment of highly skilled staff requires initiatives addressing training to make the sector attractive and to transform both the academic knowledge, transferable and high-level basic and advanced technical competences to be useful and applicable in the future. 

Project outcomes:

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From November 2016 to the end of October 2019, the In4Wood project team worked to create a fantastic FREE TO ACCESS LEARNING RESOURCE containing over 300 short video clips and supporting learning materials. These have been made available on the web, and on IOS or Android mobile too. This multi-platform approach enables you to access these brilliant resources 24/4, regardless of your location.

The training path allow a pick n mix approach – providing you with a skills and knowledge base that fits in with the requirements of your work. What’s more, you’ll be able to increase your professional visibility by sharing your certificates and achievements within the platform.


ps: You might just find they are useful for learning about Industry4.0 skills for Key Enabling Technologies that are applicable across a whole range of industrial sectors!


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GSL CEO, Jonathan Ledger commented:

It was great to be able to support Occupational Awards Limited in delivering a host of Quality Assurance and MERL services throughout this multi-country skills project. We are continuing our work with the project partners to extend the reach of the learning materials so that more students and workers can benefit from all the hard work of the past three years. Well done to all the project partners for all their hard work and brilliance!

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