Global Skills Ledger’s Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Ledger, will be using his considerable and award-winning technical and vocational education and training (TVET) expertise during a secondment to the UK Government. 

Jonathan will be working as the Global TVET Specialist for the Department of International Trade’s Education Team. He will lead the team’s work in developing commercial international TVET opportunities for UK providers, developing the UK TVET export capacity, and promoting the UK’s capabilities in the sector. 

The role of the Education team within the Department for International Trade (DIT) is to support the UK Education sector in identifying business opportunities internationally and working with the sector to help UK providers to win that business. The team (as UKTI Education) has existed since 2013 and is focussed on a number of key geographic markets around the world, although it is always seeking out opportunities for UK education providers globally.

Jonathan Ledger Global Skills LedgerThe Education team is comprised of three geographic teams, supported by sub-sector specialists (including the TVET Specialist) who each have a global portfolio. The Education team works closely with UK Embassies and High Commissions around the world to identify commercial education opportunities, then engage with the sector in UK to develop plans to win that business.

The DIT’s Education team works closely with colleagues across Whitehall e.g. DfE, DfID, FCO and also with the British Council, as well as with Donors and NGO’s across the globe.

At a time when there are many changes in technical and vocational education here at home, Governments and employers around the globe are seeking expertise from UK TVET providers which enables them to develop their workers by giving them the skills that industry needs today and tomorrow. So many countries need help in shifting their academic-only approach, to a more diverse and inclusive approach which includes TVET. The UK is the perfect partner of choice to achieve those skills ambitions.” said Jonathan Ledger, CEO of Global Skills Ledger.

I very much look forward to supporting the UK Government’s ambitions to create long-term export opportunities that will benefit the UK economy and continuing to deliver high impact skills programmes across the globe with Global Skills Ledger Limited. Let the challenge begin! ”