Global Skills Ledger’s CEO, Jonathan Ledger is joining a renowned team of skills and employment experts on the judging panel of the AllAboutSchoolLeavers’ School Leaver Awards 2017. 


Jonathan Ledger, CEO of Global Skills Ledger Ltd

I am very much looking forward to supporting AllAboutSchoolLeavers in co-judging entries for the prestigious School Leaver Awards 2017. It is always so fantastic and very enlightening to see so many small, medium and large sized companies and their staff using really innovative and creative ways to generate and offer job and training opportunities to young people leaving school and to start them off in their careers maybe through apprenticeships or higher / sponsored degrees.

It is totally heartening and inspiring when companies make such outstanding efforts to give today’s school leavers the chance of a career opportunity for tomorrow and I love being a part of rewarding the very best! 

Jonathan Ledger, CEO of Global Skills Ledger

Getting involved is a great opportunity to be acknowledged for your hard work in the school leaver market, meet others in the industry, and keep up-to-date with the latest innovations.

Best of all the awards are FREE to enter! If your company provides opportunities for school leavers, takes on apprentices or is involved with higher degrees, then why not give it a shot! You have to be in it, to win it!

The School Leaver Awards ceremony is the highlight of the early careers market. This year, for its 5th year anniversary, the ceremony will be held at the iconic, Waldorf Hilton Hotel, on Thursday 25th May, 2017. 

The School Leaver Awards by are a fantastic way for you and your team to celebrate all the hard work you have done over the year. To recognise the achievements of the top employers for school and college leavers, we have a superb evening planned for you! If you want to attend the awards ceremony, you can do so via the awards website. is dedicated to helping young people develop their knowledge and understanding of apprenticeships, school leaver programmes and sponsored degrees, so that they can make well-informed career decisions.  It also support careers advisers, teachers and those in school leaver recruitment by producing annual in-depth research into the market and holding events like its School Leaver Conference – facilitating relationship-building between career professionals and employers, and ensuring they are up-to-date on industry developments.

The School Leaver Awards by AllAboutSchoolLeavers celebrate the Top 100 employers on offer to young people at the beginning of their careers.  It is the biggest and best awards ceremony of its kind for school and college leaver employers, and the biggest night out in the early recruitment calendar. Based on the real-life experiences of apprentices and school leaver trainees, AllAboutSchoolLeavers rewards those employers who offer the best UK apprenticeships, school leaver programmes and sponsored degrees; as well as those who excel in areas such as job satisfaction, career progression, training and company culture.  

There are also awards for the best employers in their particular industries, acknowledging the work being done in every area, from accounting and professional services, engineering and retail, to the creative industries and the public sector. 


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AllAboutSchoolLeavers helps school leavers get jobs and understand the career paths available to them. is the essential springboard into the job market for school and college leavers.