It is somewhat of a challenge to take all that we have learnt about a TVET Quality Assurance, over long period of time and condense it into just 60 minutes…and then to do it for an audience that speaks a different language, lives in a different society and operates in a markedly different economy. But today that’s exactly what Global Skills Ledger did. Representing the UK Skills Federation, Jonathan Ledger CEO of Global Skills Ledger Ltd provided an overview of how best to engage with employers in relation to vocational skills and apprenticeships and how best to link their engagement to delivering sustainable TVET quality assurance.

Generally, it is widely accepted that an employers’ willingness to participate in and benefit from vocational skills and technical education ranges from those who are totally ambivalent and uninterested, to those who champion the skills cause with unfettered enthusiasm – acting as a proactive ambassador of the highest order. For any educational organisation trying to successfully engage with employers, there is a need to gain a detailed understanding  of the employer and their industry… to have gotten right under the skin of the employer so as to really be able to articulate and empathise with their skills needs. Of course, understanding is just the beginning. The real art comes from being able to use the gathered insight in an intelligent way that sees the development of really useful and practical solutions that will lead to added benefit and business impact for employers, their workers and their industry.

It’s always great to be able to share some our vast experience and best practice lessons to support other countries aspiring to deliver technical education and vocational training.” Said Jonathan Ledger, CEO Global Skills Ledger. “Having worked for a number of years implementing a ground breaking employer-based programme to establish qualifications, we know that the quality assurance of what’s being delivered to workers is of the highest priority and underpins the whole system, so it is important that they get the quality functions right.

The Vietnamese delegation from the Ministry of Education’s General Department of Vocational Training and a string of Vietnamese universities were being hosted in the UK by the British Council  on a week-long UK study tour. This was aimed at quality assurance in vocational education and during the course of the week,  the delegation took in multiple visits to UK colleges and universities to share in best practice.

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